It’s a Life Style.Make it Yours!

I was chatting with an acquaintance recently and through the course of conversation, she asked me “What is Wood Creek Resort?”  I began citing the various facts relating to our cherished Resort:  “We have 50 acres of gated beauty;  spacious abundantly treed RV Lots, impressive Resort Homes and amazing Lakefront Lots”— all at once I became conscious that my detailed descriptions were not adequately portraying the “elegant charm” that is present at Wood Creek Resort.

The question is NOT “What is Wood Creek Resort?”. 

The more appropriate question is…Who is Wood Creek Resort?”

Wood Creek Resort is extraordinary owners who share in the appreciation of the Resort and the natural beauty that exists within it’s gates.Wood Creek is that amazing family who travels from Acadia Valley to spend time relaxing, boating and enjoying the fabulous evenings around the campfire.It is that special couple from the Edmonton area who share the Wood Creek lifestyle with their children and grandchildren.It is the wonderful families within the Lakeland Region that make the short drive from their homes to experience a “mini-vacation” on the shores of Moose Lake.Wood Creek is that beautiful group of ladies who prepare wild berry pies in their BBQ and share their sweet treats with the Resort neighbourhood.It’s the thoughtful neighbourhood-watch who ensure that “Wood Creekers” have adequate woodpiles, enough ice for the weekend, and plenty of appetizers during “happy hour”. 

Wood Creek Owners from all parts of Alberta and beyond share the knowledge of how incredible it is to relax among Wood Creek friends & family, listen to waterbirds and occasionally witness the magical glow of fireflies in the trees. 

The Resort offers an ownership experience that easily provides residents with the choice of owning the perfect “escape” or as an exceptional place to live year round.