Q & A with the Developer

Q & A with the Developer

 Keypointe Development Corp.

“Artistic creation comes in many forms and utilizes various mediums.  Keypointe Development Corporation takes pride in this project and views their visionary approach from concept to completion as a form of artistic expression”

“If you can dream it, you can do it” —Walt Disney

How are things progressing at Wood Creek Resort?

“It has been a process for sure.  We have completed the infrastructure to this stage, paved the roads with street lights, our staged walking trails have been completed and are maintained.  We have our premium playground and our pier completed. 

We also have 11 homes built within our Cottage area. We have decided to open a Wood Creek Presentation Centre that will be available for viewing late this spring.    

We have 46 RV lots of which 29 are sold and there are 14 lots available for sale at this time.

We are very pleased with the progress and quality of the Resort.  We are excited to continue our work and have experienced very positive feed back from our existing owners and from those looking to purchase at Wood Creek Resort”

What is next for Wood Creek Resort?

“We continue explore innovative companies and their products and services that would be suitable for Wood Creek Resort and it’s owners. 

We are in the design stage of the Wood Creek Owner’s Lodge and therefore have met with various professionals including a Western Canadian company called Karoleena Inc.  We visited one of their construction factories as we are exploring the utilization prefab construction for the Owner’s Lodge.

Also, we are meeting with additional Canadian park model manufacturers to explore their products.  We are researching contemporary park model designs that may offer Wood Creek owners greater selection together with Canadian pricing. We are excited to see what is new in the park model industry”

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